J-MANGA ~Direct Lesson by Japanese Manga Artists & Fan Meeting

For tourists visiting Japan 2020, “Experiencing OMOTENASHI (Japanese hospitality) Tour”, finally start!


Popular professional Japanese manga artists will give:

(1) Direct guidance
(2) Talk show
(3) Commemorative photo session (with all-time interpreter)

For foreign tourists who love Japanese manga and animation, you can receive direct guidance from popular Japanese manga artists.  Foreign tourists, parents with children, beginners are all welcomed! You will even get a discount for multiple participation.

Manga Drawing Experience Event

The lecturer is a talented manga artist, Ms. Britney Hamada. The content of the lecture varies from teacher to teacher each time, so it is very popular because you can enjoy it no matter how many times you participate.
Then, I will introduce you these following events when Ms. Britney Hamada  went to teach in Singapore with a major stationery manufacturer 「Pentel」and a class taught in her private studio “Okaoka House” in Shinjuku.

Britney Hamada, a famous Japanese talent and cartoon teacher

Chapter1 “Talk Show”

Britney Hamada is flying around the world as a cartoon teacher. She is a famous manga artist who also appears in TV variety shows in Japan. First, she gave a fun talk show and talked about several life episodes. For instance, “I was noticed as a homeless manga artist who sleeps in manga cafes and karaoke boxes. Since then, I have published various works along with TV talent activities, but recently I drew a lot of humorous stories about my childbirth. Before I became a manga artist, I went to a trimmer vocational school. The reason that I decided to become a manga artist is that I read “Manga Road” by Fujio Fujiko A.” The experience tour includes an all-time interpreter, so foreign tourists can participate without worrying about language barriers.

Chapter2 “Direct Lesson by Japanese Pro Cartoonists”

The theme of the practical course is [caricature]

The theme changes each time. This time, we will challenge the basics of drawing illustrations [caricatures]. She gave several helpful points: “A manga cannot make sense by the protagonist alone. It is necessary to be able to also draw sub-characters that appear in the manga. For that purpose, I will teach you a technique for drawing caricatures. First, we need to grab one person’s face outline and then focus on features of parts (ears, nose, ears, mouth, etc.). For the parts, for example, in the case of eyes, does the person have drooping eyes or slanted eyes? For mouths, check the features such as pouty lips, or curving shape, etc. But even if each part can be drawn well, when you put them in slightly different positions, it will be appeared as a different person. Be careful of the spacing between parts. ” The lecturer would teach very carefully and patiently, so even beginners who are not confident in illustrations could feel relieved.

Chapter3 “Fan Meeting”

After the trial lesson, the lecturer gave instant comments on the completed portrait of each participant. In addition, a commemorative photo was taken around the lecturer.

Voices of participants:

“This is a good memory and souvenir for me after I came to Japan.” (International student)
“It’s a dreamlike time to be taught by a famous cartoonist directly.” (Graduate student)
“I was not good at painting, but I became interested in drawing. I want to be a manga artist in the future.” (Primary Student)
“Ms. Hamada’s easy-to-understand and amiable instruction was great, as well as her fun talking skills!” (Mother of a primary student)

Ms. Britney Hamada, who participated as a lecturer this time, said, “Everyone was pleased and I was happy to be able to have a wonderful OMOTENASHI (hospitality.)”
In the 2020 TOKYO, the festival of J-MANGA will be hot as well as big sports events!!

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About the progress of the day

The progress of the day is performed in the following order.

[Content of the day]
● About the progress of the day (With interpretation)
● Introduction of lecturer
● Greetings from the lecturer
● (1) Story about Manga
● (2) Notes on drawing
● (3) Let’s actually draw
● (4) Individual presentation
● (5) Commemorative photo with all participants
● Lecturer leaving and greeting

The actual time is around 75 minutes, but when the event ends, the participants next to each other get along well and the sense of distance from the manga artist shrinks a lot. Despite each signing up separately, the participants seem to be tied together in a “cartoon” bond.

Experience classes at the private studio “Okaoka House”

Meanwhile, there are also classes in Britney Hamada’s private studio “Okaoka House,” which located in the basement of “manga-bar” where famous Japanese manga artists come every day to talk about manga late into the night while enjoying coffee or drinking.

Okaoka House

3-5-9 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-6911-2103

You can meet Hamada Britney and other cartoonists in person!?

Britney Hamada also conducts intermediate and higher level manga drawing classes at the private studio “Okaoka House”. We also offer deeper lessons that can be conveyed only by a professional manga artist, such as how to use brushes and brushes, facial expressions, how to create backgrounds, and scenario creation.

Entering serious mode before you even realize

If you get hints on drawing from your instructor, you will be able to draw illustrations really well. Anyone can get into manga drawing in no time. And gain confidence!

Group photo with participants after the classroom

We will have a group photo shoot after the experience class. Participants who could not draw very well will become level up and delighted. Especially for children, it is often confusing at first, but there is a sense of achievement made by drawing with their hands, and would finally smile with satisfaction. J-MANGA ~ Direct Lesson & Fan Meeting ~ 2020 will be featured by professional manga artists of various genres in addition to Britney Hamada in various places in Tokyo. Please stay tuned!

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Profile: Hamada Britney

In 2006, she debuted as a manga artist with “Hyperlink Detective Linker.” Her representative works include “Pagal!” and “Panee! Birth” etc. As a manga instructor, she travels around the world, including Milan, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In addition to being a TV talent and a singer, writing diet books, etc., she also produces and owns the multi-purpose space “Okaoka House” in Shinjuku, Tokyo (a studio equipped for eating and drinking, karaoke, Internet broadcasting, etc.). Many signatures of popular manga artists are displayed in the store.

Photograph/Pentel・Suzuki Gota